Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Institute of Holistic Nutrition

Total Body Modification, Module 1

Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), University of Victoria

About Ashley

Ashley Freeman is Certified Nutritional Practitioner who helps women around the world lose fat, eliminate digestive issues, sleep better, and overcome stubborn skin issues so that they can be their most radiant selves!

Ashley graduated with First Class Honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver and soon after established her international nutrition practice dedicated to helping modern women who are uncomfortably struggling with insomnia, fatigue, adult acne, eczema or rosacea, and difficulty losing weight. She builds authentic connections with her clients and is dedicated to discovering sustainable and proactive diet and lifestyle approaches that improve health and happiness through private and group coaching programs.

Known for her passion and humour, Ashley is a vibrant speaker. She has presented as several public health events as well as regular corporate events.

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My other passion is educating women on the harmful ingredients in many personal care products and advocating for more health-protective laws in the beauty industry. Check out Beautycounter's Never List for top ingredients to watch out for!